October 24, 2009

Scared of KOTR

Yes. I am scared of the Adidas KOTR. After my successful attempt of a half-marathon last Sunday, I tried running again last Thursday so just I am sure I can still run. But to my surprise, I was not able to run my usual route at the same pace and time as I usually do. I am mostly walking this time which led me thinking that this is because my muscles are still recovering from its first 21K.

This then face me some concerns for Adidas tomorrow. I am running 10K and what if I will not be able to finish it? Hopefully I do. I know that I just need recovery time.

Also, another part of me is scared of Adidas because of its logistics way back to the distribution of packets. They were quite unorganized and many people were upset of the way this was handled. Hopefully, the race wouldn't be as unorganized as the distribution. We'll just have to wait and see.

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