October 9, 2009

The next three weeks..

My next three weeks will be full. I am scheduled (and have signed up, READ: paid already) for the following races:

October 11, 2009 Milo Marathon Finals 10K
October 18, 2009 QC International Marathon 21K
Ocotber 25, 2009 Adidas King of the Road 10K

I am excited as hell for all the events for several reasons. For Milo, this will give me a gauge on how much I have improved since this is the first 10K (and first run) that I did. For the QCIM, I am excited as well because its my first half marathon. I even bought a Nathan for this run. For the Adidas, I really like the singlet. Good enough reason to make me happy and excited about the run. I hope I'll get good times this October. I guess I haven't trained that hard but for sure at least my other efforts will show. See you in these runs!

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