October 17, 2009

I got loaded at the QCIM Carbo Loading Partee!!!

The QCIM carbo loading party was held yesterday at the Quezon City Circle. Upon entering the circle, we were directed by manong guard to go out again and re-enter after two gates. We did just that but was not able to find the appropriate gate. We then entered again the same gate - via a complete revolution on the circle and we were just directed to use the side streets. We were able to manage to get to the venue and to our surprise, the "activity center" was actually the center of QC circle. We were greeted with lights and sounds from the stage.

Upon arrival, we immediately signed-up in the registration area and proceeded to the venue where my friend Tin introduced me to some of her friends Richie, Jobax and Alfred (I hope I got their names right). At that time, the pacers are being introduced and I was able to see my pacer. I am deciding to run the half marathon at 7:30 pace.

I looked around and saw that I can recognize some faces. I saw the Kenyan Runners, sir Rene of the organizing group, Run Rio and Running Diva. I told myself - "heck, I would get photos of them". I approched them one by one and they were all nice. Running Diva even recognized me to my surprise. They are definitely accommodating and warm. Thanks to all those who have been intorduced to me. :) And here are the photos of last night's event:

Running Diva is proving why she was called a DIVA. Nice song Ms. Roselle.

At the background are the Kenyan Runners

Tin, me, Running Diva and Mr. Finishline Organizer
Run Rio

Me, Richie and Tin with the Kenyan Runners
The carbo loading party aims to set the mood for the marathon and show the crowd who will be the pacers and the people in the actual event. It was indeed a good experience to see a lot of people who are very much interested with running as I am. The QCIM looks to be promising and exciting as well. See you at the start line!


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