October 20, 2009

QCIM Result according to jazzrunner

While blog hopping (of runners), I came across jazzrunner's and saw that he had the times already for the QCIM. I immediately checked my time and according to the time chip, my time was 2:44:49 - not bad ey!

I still have to wait for the final official results with the details. Im looking forward to see my photos! :)

See your time here: http://jazzrunner.wordpress.com/race-results-21k-qcim/

Thanks to Jazzrunner for the results!


  1. Congrats on your finish Mark, good job on that. 2:44 ain't that bad, you may be surprised at your improvement next time around :)

  2. Thanks Luis. Congrats din sa Sub-2 mo! :)


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