October 19, 2009

I ran and finished my first half marathon

I did it.

Last mid of September, I decided that I will engage myself into a half marathon. I was contemplating on which one to join - either Milo Finals or QCIM. I decided to go for QCIM since I wanna gauge my 10K improvement via Milo and QCIM offers a finisher's medal for all half and full marathoners. After some preparations and excitement, the day has come. It was October 18, 2009. My first half marathon day.

There were seven of us in my barkada who decided to run the QCIM via different categories but only six of us actually ran due to some personal concerns of one of my friends. We arrived at the start line at 7:40 and was just enough for me to familiarize myself with the crowd and the pacers whom I am eyeing really to pace (2:45). I recognized the pacer of 2:30 as Rosell AKA Running Diva and decided to push myself to pace with them. I did just that and it was really worth it. Pacers proved to be a good help for first timers like me. I actually ran the first 14K (READ: RAN, no walking). I met some other Takbo.ph peeps and most importantly, Argonaut, who I was able to chat the night before via Takbo.ph. Towards 15K, my legs are starting to feel a little bit uneasy. I decided to take it slow and let the 2:45 pacers catch up with me. From then, I just relaxed and enjoy the feeling of running along commonwealth. It was my first time to run in an eight-lane road!

After sometime, during the 16K mark, I ran through Argo and told him that I'll pace him. I was able to do just that until 18K but he flew away and I was not able to catch up anymore. I paced myself but this time, I was feeling really tired. Both physically and emotionally. I decided to walk the 19K-21.5K and told myself that I will just run when I am about to cross the finish line. Upon looking at my watch for the last 1K. I saw that I can still make the 2:45 time as I have predicted and I ran for my life. I crossed the finish line at 2:45:16. I did it.

I was looking for my friends at the finishline but they were nowhere to be found. I walked towards the medal and certificate area and saw them. I claimed my medal and felt a great feeling when it was being placed around my neck. I am fulfilled I did this and I swore to myself that I will be better. 2:15 next 21K! Hahaha.

Thanks to the following: 1) Running Diva - for providing tips during the run and pacing us. 2) Argonaut - for pacing me at 16K-18K. Thanks for the help dude. 3) People pacing 2:30 - saya ng kwentuhan ng mga tao. It distracted me for quite sometime. Which is very good. 4) To Kristy -for the advise to eat something every 1hour. 5) Sir Rene, whom I looked up to while running and 6) QCIM organizers and everyone behind it -thanks for a job well done.

Congratulations are in order for all those who finished the race and most especially to Tin, my ultimate running-mate. :)

See you all at Adidas KOTR!!!
Me and my first running medal (hopefully, more to come):


  1. Congratulations, Mark! What a feat! My co-leader Gab was awed by your resilience to finish and reach the finish line. I couldn't look back while running so I didn't have any idea at all who were behind me. It was indeed a nice feeling to bring you guys to the finish line. Anyway, there will be a lot of races for you to conquer. The fact that you were able to reach the finish line and did a good time, you emerged as a winner. ;) Carry on!

  2. Thanks so much running diva. It was a pleasure running with you guys and more to have your comment here in my simple blog. :) Thanks and you really inspire me to become better. And I will.

  3. Bessie, congrats! Good that I have a new buddy :-) My friends are all way ahead of me eh...With your perseverance, I won't be surprised if you get to our common goal ahead of me...

    Fashion Week Marathon naman this week...weeeehhh...oopss, too bad, i might miss it (still trying to work around a sched hopping from antipolo to MOA)

  4. @ Tin... Oo nga! New Marathon!!! Fashion week here I come!!! See ya at Yako's show.


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