October 13, 2009

Official Result for Milo Marathon Finals and Photos

Official Results are out and my stopwatch was pretty accurate. Based on my chip time, I registered 1:10:44. Here is a screenshot of my performance.

At first, I was hesitant to post it here since my results were not that fabulous but I still opted to do so since I know I will get better. I want to record honestly how I perform in each race I join.

The presence of Photovendo was also an addition to this year's final. I was lucky to have several photos and here are some which I could share. Mostly, these are the photos which I did not look stupid. I am placing some captions on what I am probably thinking that time.

"This is it, I can do this!"

"Breath in, breath out"

"Walang magulo! Pagod ako!!!"

Me dancing Boom Boom Pow... hahaha


  1. hey mark! nice blog

  2. Hi Timothy. Thanks much. Visit ka always. :)

  3. OMG!!! TIMOTHY IS TIN... panu nangyari yun? I have to read through pa your blog and saw my name!!! Sa Eco Dash. hahaha. weirdness... Why Timothy?


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