October 26, 2009

I was at my best in Adidas KOTR

This race is the 3rd part of my October running calendar. And boy, it was indeed sweet. I was able to register a new PR of 1:05:40. I ensured that I did check the time right before I step on the finishline mat. This new record is definitely much better than my best 1:09.

I did not do much preparation for this run as I ran a 21K the Sunday prior. Add to that the load in school, fashion week and all. I ran the Thursday before but for pure recreational and nothing serious or major. I went to Anne's place to do a sleep over to ensure I am not harrased when going to The Fort for the run. I even slept past my bed time at 11:00PM.

On the race day, I went to the venue with Minette and Anne and met Tin at ROX. We were a bunch of happy people as we are excited to see a lot of people in the start line. The field was literally swimming in yellow (bright I may add) as almost everyone wore their Adidas shirts. I checked in alone in the 10K chute as Tin (for some reasons I do not know) decided to run the 5K rather than our usual 10K. And at exactly 6:00AM, the gun was fired and off we go.

I was planning on not getting excited and pushing myself to the limit at the beginning of the race. I told myself that I should slow down and ensure I have a good split time (although honestly, there is no way for me to know). I paced myself in the 7:00 and so I thought. Everybody was passing by me at the beggining and I couldn't really care. My plan was clear, run the first 5K and do 3 minute walking for the latter part.

I was happy and contented with how I am doing. Upon the ascend along the Kalayaan flyover, I tried to remember the pointers Running Diva gave me during the QCIM - when ascending, look at your feet and not on the road ahead. This way, you will be distracted with the height of the challenge ahead. I did just that ad was successful. I crossed Kalayaan, Paseo de Roxas and Makati Ave with a breeze. I was very happy to see Petron Megaplaza because I now exactly know how far I am from the turn-around point. I then saw Mapua and was looking forward for a 3minute walk. Upon turning, I walked and then ran. I ran and ran until Kayalaan Flyover again. This time, the people who have overtook me are starting to slow down and I have overtaken them already. I walked again some more along Kalayaan and checked at my watch. It says 0:55. I computed the remaining distance at the fort and checked that I will still be able to make the 1:05 target. I strengthened my pace and was able to clock in at the finishline at 1:05:40. My plan was perfect. This is now my best record for a 10K. Afterwhich, the gruelling part where I have to look for everone started. It was indeed a huge crowd of 7,000 and finding 3 people is very hard.

Upon our reunion, we decided to eat breakfast and en route to the car (being escorted by P&G security - for Anne), we bumped into fellow P&G runners and they told us to wait for a bit to have our picture taken. We waited for a bit and took the group photo.

Below are the post-race pictures:

P&G Peeps

Anne (First 5K), Minette (First Run), Tin (too experience for 5K) and Moi

Anne, Minette and I with Joey, Cris and Diego


  1. this was a lot of fun!

    and correction... first "6.41k" :D

  2. Hahahaa. Korek. Congrats Anne for your first 6.14K. :)

  3. hey man, congratulations!!! Next time PR ka ulit! Iba ang saya whenever you beat your presonal best.

  4. Hey Argo. Salamat. OO - ang saya pag PR. Parang everything is paying off. :) Kita kits!


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