August 9, 2009

My Longer Training Route

I have been contented in running my usual 4.6K route. I am accustomed to its surroundings and feel perfect with it and have been using this path for about 4 months now. Upon reading more and more of other blogs, I learned that I should also do longer trainings specially during the weekends where I usually have more time. I then extended my normal US Embassy-CCP-US Embassy route to US Embassy-CCP-Folks Art-PICC-Sofitel-World Trade-CCP-US Embassy.
The new route was of course longer but it didn't feel so. Maybe because I was running briskly and I was enjoying the scenery as well. Mind you, I was running at 12:00 Noon. Even though there was much heat, my run was perfect. I didn't knew that running in a new surrounding could be that enjoyable. I then told myself to do this again and probably extend to other routes as well.
I'd probably try running the route of the Milo 10K. Luneta-EDSA and back.

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