August 5, 2009

Family Run Run 2009 Review

I have posted last Sunday my experience with the Family Fun Run and now, I would like to share with you the event logistics. Things I liked and things I think should be improved.

The event started late due to some reasons I don't know of. Patrick and I arrived at 4:00PM which was the check-in time but nothing was happening. We roamed around and tried looking for things happening. There were several booths lined up such as Crocs, Shell, some bike company and other sponsors. I guess this is one of the good parts of the race because we were entertained by the "stuff" around prior to the race. We waited and waited until 4:30 which should have been the gun start already and apparently, there is still a programme prior to the race. Everybody were encouraged to gather in front of the stage but not much folks are following since there are no ushers whatsoever. I felt bad for the organizer-Ken because I can see him doing the actual ushering. Should this have been part of his role, I am not sure. But I guess, this being an event sponsored by the City Government, there should have been ushers.

And then the programme started. There were the councilors, sports commission heads who spoke. I felt that most of the speech were not necessary anymore because they are just redundant from each other. I felt important however, is the speech of the male councilor from District 5. He himself is a runner and encouraged the young ones to get into running. It is very cheap and it takes you away from drugs. All the speeches were followed with an aerobic exercise. I felt it was too tacky but it was a hit with the audience (OK fine, I was amazed too). Some oldies were doing the exercise and it was fun to see that they are able to do so with such age. :) Congrats mga lolo at lola!!!

While the aerobics is still on going, I heard the hosts called the 10K runners to stand at the start point already. I then followed and waited for the gun shot. The run started easy. There were water stations strategically placed. Upon the 1.25K, we turned around Kalaw and I got the mandatory yellow lace. The women volunteers were very kind in giving them. This is one thing I liked about the race. The lace women are nice. They extend the effort in handing you the lace with their hands stretched. You really don't need to slow down or anything just to get it. As I go on with the race, I became thirsty and started stopping at the water stations. There were some stations unmanned which I really find weird. No cups just big water bottles with a knob. I guess this is something the organizers have to check on. Water stations are IMPORTANT to runners.

Other things I observed in the race that I found great are the standby Ambulance, which of course will come in handy if there is a casualty, the police on standby to direct the private cars directing to Roxas Blvd to re-route and the casual marshalls along the race which I know the responsibility is to ensure that everything will be well attended given that there is a situation.

I would say that the thing I did not like that much about this race is the attendance. I wouldn't say that the attendance generated is great. There are families, yes, but I think there were just few. Also, I felt that the students from the different schools are mandated by their teachers to attend just so the event will not transfor to a complete flop. There is also a lack of attendance from more serious runners.

All-in-all, I would say that the Family Fun Run 2009 is a success. There are still some things that needs to be improved but there are more better things which overshadowed that. I am looking forward in attending more races organized by Ken Montegrande and the MASCO.


  1. Hi Mark, how are you? First Thank you very much or attending my event and Congratulations for your offcial time though you've mentioned that something happened to you stomach during the race.

    Anyway, i would just want to thank you too for you obeservations and comments about the race. Surely that those comments from the runners like you will help me to improve more of my future running activities.

    By the way, regarding the speeches of the some politicians on the stage, mee too was really surprised about that. Actually, on the original program that i give to our hosts, there are no politicians on the lists...not even one. The only person that i allowed to make some speech there is the grand son of Mayor Alfredo Lim,Chairman NiƱo Dela Cruz, Chairman of Manila Sports Council (MASCO). Hehe, kaso wala nakong nagawa when they started to make their speech na eh. Dont worry guys, we will prevent to happened that again next time. Sorry for that na lang muna.

    Thanks again and God Bless You.
    See you again on my future races.


  2. Hi Ken. Thanks for your comment. I am looking forward in attending more events from your group. I can also volunteer in one of your events in the future. :)


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