August 11, 2009

Signed Up!!! Kenny Rogers Ubanite Run 09

Me and my friends are officially signed-up for the Kenny Roger's Urbanite. I am running 10K while my friends are running the 5K (Joma, Herbert and Jiggs - Happy Birthday on this day). I am pretty excited about this race for several reasons:

1. It will be held at the Fort. A new surrounding for me :).
2. It will be at night. Kakaiba!
3. Cool new items such as timing chip, glow in the dark wristband (dunno what is this), glow in the dark race bib (daw!).
4. It will be hosted by Marc Nelson and Rovilson will be running. I am a big fan of the duo from Amazing Race.
5. There will be an after party. I doubt that I will be able to go since we will be celebrating Jiggs' and Mikee's birthdays in a spa in Antipolo. Happy birthday to both!!!

If you wanna check out the site, you can visit their link:

I'll be flocking Bonifacio High Street on Thursday to retrieve our race kits after office hour. Anybody is invited to join me. :)
Up next: My running problem (shocks!!!)

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