August 18, 2009

My Kenny Roger's Urbanite Experience

I was very excited for the Urbanite. Since we encountered some issues when claiming our race kits, I needed to come back to BHS early on race day. I went there at around 3PM and claimed Herbert's singlet. Since there is no more small size I got him a medium like Jiggs and Joma. I then met Jiggs (who is celebrating his 25th Birthday that day) at around 3:30. I greeted him with glee and we decided to hangout by Bo's coffee to check out emails and surf the net. We stayed there until we decided to get ready for our run by buying some stuff at Mini Stop at Market Market.

After our short trip to Mini Stop, we then met Joma and Herbert at the parking lot to drop our bags and officially get ready for our run. I distributed our race packets and got dressed. We wore our singlets and tied our timing chips to our shoes.

We then went to the assembly area on time as prescribed but nothing is happening yet. We then decided to stroll around and we found the event to be full or runners and family of runners. The event was successful as it is. I was feeling a little uncomfortable that time because my ankle is still hurting. I then made a decision to finally buy an ankle support from runnr. I bought the support and fitted it. I then prayed that this will help me through my run.
8:30 came and it is about time to go to the starting line. We flocked to the area together but I have to separate ways with my friends as I am running for the 10K and they are all doing the 5K. I did just that and waited for my gun start. I was in a very huge crowd. Apparently, there are about a thousand running the 10K.

Marc Nelson counted down, shot the gun and we're off.

I stared my run at my normal pace. I was actually enjoying the scenery both the place and the view of other runners. After around 3K, I started walking. We then entered the route going to Lawton which was quite dark. Even though it was dark, I was not afraid because I was pacing with some people and there are a lot of marshalls. I think this was a strength of this race. They pre-empted the dark areas and they placed the marshalls strategically. Water stations are also ample. My comment though is that not both water and power drink were available at all stations. Personally, I prefer to drink water in the first few stations and then power drink at the later part of the run. This is my strategy in the end to ensure I can still bring out my energy. I am charging this to experience.

I ran and ran. We then entered Mc Kinley. I was actually excited because I have never been there. And I also heard that there are slopes. I haven't run in slopes so I was pretty looking forward to it. I started alright but was so tired during the uphills. It is a pain! I can feel my body weight and all the energy drink I drank at the first few stops. It then dawned on me that I have to really lose weight - Big Time.

The last 2K was long for me. I started doubting if I can finish it and was not finding anymore strength to sprint. I just decided to do whatever pace I can. Upon seeing the lights at the finish line, I got pumped up. I decided to still run my last 0.5K and finish with a grand sprint. I did that but was quite dismayed. The time registered for the 10K was 1:22. I was aiming for a good PR at about 1:10 but I was not able to do it. Even though that was sad, I still felt contented in finishing the race. I was then walking to our "meeting place" when I saw Herbert, Joma and Jiggs clapping for me. I was like - "Why are you clapping?" and they all told me congratulations for finishing the 10K. I felt very good then. I knew I had good friends.

We went to the party area and I got my finisher's certificate. I also ensured that I dropped the Donate portion of our stubs to show my support for the event's cause. After all the effort and hardship, its now time to go and celebrate Jiggs' quater life crisis. LOL.

The run was fun. It made me strive harder to be better and gave me my first night and chip timed race.


My Official Results: 643 place out of 887. Hihi

After the Race - Runner 1870

Photo from Photovendo. I am buying this picture and I have emailed them already.


  1. Nice account of your run, Mark! See you soon at the races.:-)

  2. Hi jazzrunner! Thanks for the comment on my post. I would definitely love to meet other runners too. Hope to see you in future races!

  3. Hey Mark! 1hr 20 is a pretty good time. Congrats for finishing! :)

  4. Hi Noelle! Thanks for droppin' by. Congrats as well for your finish. :)

  5. congrats on your race. my friends and i always say ... try and try, tiis ng tiis. bibilis din. :) keep on running. - bards

  6. Hi Bards, True. Naniniwala din ako diyan. I actually improved a lot already and hopefully tuloy tuloy na. Keep on running!!!


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