September 3, 2009

Running and Sustainability

In my life, there are a lot of things I started but was not able to sustain. Things like singing, gyming, swimming etcetc are just some of the things I tried doing but due to lack of encouragement and drive, I fail to sustain. I love running and have been doing it for about 3 months now. I admit that there are times that I beg off to run for some silly reasons. Some of them just because I am too lazy or sometimes its because of the weather. Keeping the abovementioned system in mind, I listed some items to ensure I sustain running and are as follows:

1. Target Weight - I want to lose weight. Big time. And through running, this is really possible. I always remind myself that if I run right now for 5K, I will lose a pound and I will be achieving my target weight in no time.
2. I sign-up for races - Since I value my money much and I don't like being at the back of the pack, I train for races. Because race dates are fixed, I am pushed to train harder and try to get a PR every run.
3. Get a Running Club - I just recently spoke with our HR head and we agreed that this is a good idea. We have formulated a club and we will be running every Tuesday in Salcedo. Exiting and fun.
4. Shopping - weird as it may sound but this keeps me motivated. This could be attributed to two parts actually. First is shopping for new running gear. I told myself that if I reach 100K I will buy a running shorts and if I will be elevating to 21K runs, I will be buying a hydration belt. This is my goal/gift for myself. Second, I really wanna drop sizes in clothes. I am feeling that my clothes are getting bigger but I will only buy clothes by October so I am sure that I have lost a size already.

I believe these goals and tasks keeps me motivated leading to a sustainable running.

I will run. Yes... I will run tonight.

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