September 9, 2009

Frustrated, hurt and traumatized!!!

My last run was Thursday last week. I know a lot of people have told me that I can still run even if it is raining but I just can't push myself to run knowing that afterwards, there will be a big effort from my end to dry my shoes again. If there is one thing I do not like about running, that is my shoes becoming dirty. I am officially frustrated with the weather. I can't help but get angry with the climate change. I now decided that I will run for the Ayala Eco Dash but to my surprise I got more frustrated. There is no more singlet. I inquired through the Glorietta booth last Friday and they still have all the sizes. Now, not even one is available. I am trying to register via a collegue who has some connections there. Thats double frustration o my end.

Hurt I am but not emotionally but physically. I was running last Thursday and it was mildly raining. I decided to finish my course since I am pushing myself to do a 5K without running. I did and was overtaking a pedestrian along CCP area when I accidentally fell of the sidewalk. I slipped and tumbled. It was so shameful because I rolled over the pavement in front of some walkers and some manongs selling buko. Whew! I decided to run still to save my face from detection. I thought it was just a mild impact but to my surprise, I got a bruise, scratches and a bump in my knee. Though the physical wounds have subsided, I still have my remembrance from the fall... the bruise.

Apart from my the "hurt" I got. There was also a small traumatic experience. While doing the first half of my training run. I was attacked by a dog being walked by his owner. This is a typical house dog which was quite cute since his fur is white. I got scared. Major. I am not normally scared of dogs but when one attacks you and his fangs so close to your body, I guess one cannot help but get traumatized.

I know these are all learnings from running. Now, I could say I am rich in experience. :)

I'll run again tonight. Hell with the rain.

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