September 11, 2009

Ayala Eco Dash

I am officially signed-up for the Ayala Eco Dash on September 13, 2009 at the Fort. This will be my first 10K running over the Kalayaan Fly Over. I am pretty excited about it. I initially was not suppose to run anymore in this event because they ran out of Singlets. But for some connections, someone asked me if I have registered and he has connections within Ayala who can still give us singlets. I am now signed-up with Tin for the 10K. Yahoo!!! See ya...

Next Run: New Balance, Milo Finals (21K hopefully) and QCIM


  1. Hope you had a good race man, weather was prime for a PR run :)


  2. Hi Gingerbreadman! Thanks a lot. I did. Will be blogging about it after I write this. :)


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