September 22, 2009

I bought a Nathan Speed 2

As what I have said in my previous post, I have decided already to run my first 21K. And one of my pact to myself is that, if I decide to run more than 10K, I will buy myself a hydration belt. I did just that through careful research. I asked around some folks in (through a thread)on what to buy. Most of them endorsed the Nathan Speed as it can hold 1.5/2/4 flasks. It is ideal for different types of runners. I also considered buying the new Nike hydration belt but decided otherwise as it is more expensive and harder to find.

I was suppose to purchase my Nathan in Runnr but was not able to visit the store immediately since I do not have a ride going there. I checked some stores in Glorietta during our lunch time but was not able to find a Nathan. I checked online stores and found out that there is a stock at Toby's Park Square. I then decided to purchase one the following day. I was so excited when lunch time came, I rushed to Toby's. I asked the sales lady to give me a sample of the Speed 2 and Speed 4. Tried both on and decided on which one to get. As I am not the type who prefers to drink a lot during a run, thus I went for the Speed 2. It has 2-10oz flask where I can carry water on the other and a sport drink on another. There is also a small pocket which can hold my cellphone, keys and cash. It was perfect and I decided to get the large size in yellow and gray which costs Php 1,295.00.

The same night I bought my Speed 2, I decided to take it for a test run. I used both flask with 3/4 water and strapped it to myself. During the first steps, I find it too bouncy and checked if it can be minimized if I decide to fasten it better. I did just that and it worked. I also placed it somewhere in my mid-section to limit it bouncing against my butt. It worked and I feel like a total pro. My only comment was, I should have went for a medium.

All-in-all, I can say that Nathan Speed 2 is the most ideal hydration belt for me. It serves my requirements and needs in running and above everything else, it is also stylish.

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