September 16, 2009

I am so BRAVE... My decision for a 21K

I have only been running and joining races for about 3 months now. I thought, it will take me about a year or so before I decide to join a half marathon but that is not the case. Upon pondering on several trainings and races, I decided to run 21K for the QCIM. I decided on this one because of several reasons which are:

1. It is an international marathon and it is a pleasure to have my debut for the 21K here.
2. There are finishers medal for 21K and 42K only.
3. Tin (my running friend) is running 21K as well.
4. I don't wanna run 21K in the Milo marathon since I wanna see my improvement with the same route from the Manila eliminations to the finals on October 11. Alternatively, QCIM is the next rae after Milo.
5. I like how finishline (despite some issues they faced during Kenny) handle races.
6. There is a carbo loading dinner 2 days before the race.
7. The route is good. New for me.

So there are the reasons. Now, the only thing I need to do is to build milage and buy a hydration belt. I decided (as a gift to myself) that I will be buying Nathan Speed 2 since it has 2 flask -which I think is more than enough for me and it has a good bag size which can carry the essential iPod, cash and phone. I am also slated to join races in prep for this race:

10K Ayala Eco Dash- Sept 13 (Done)
10K New Balance- Sept 27
10K Milo Marathon- October 11

Thrilled and scared will be the 2 adjectives to which can describe how I am feeling right now for my runs. See you all at those races and for the QCIM.

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