July 23, 2010

My NYC Marathon Training Plan

My goal for the NYC Marathon is to finish with a sub-5 (less than 5 hours). With this in mind, I have deviced a training plan which I based on something shared to me by a runner colleague, Kristy. I have incorporated the in the schedule the days I can/cannot run. And hopefully I will be able to follow them.

So far, I am not yet able to follow my plan and I hope this is just my first week jitters. Will definitely work out on religiously following this one.

Hope to see lots of Pinoy during the Marathon EXPO! I know for a fact that Coach Rio, Jaymie (TBR) and the editor-in-chief of The Front Runner are all running NYC Marathon. Hope to learn more who are the others who will be running.


  1. good luck and see you at the big apple, young man.

    jonel c mendoza

  2. Hi Sir Jonel,

    Thanks for the comment here in my blog. I am glad to know you're running the NYC Marathon too. I am looking forward in attending more Front Runner sessions. See you soon.


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