July 6, 2010

My New Beybiah!!!

I. Bought. New. Shoes.

My new running partner, my Asics Kayano 16! I have long been contemplating on which shoes to buy until I decided to buy my first Mizuno. I have already picked the best model for me (with the help of Running Diva!) and decided to come back the other day to finally purchase it. Unfortunately, they don't have my size in BHS. We tried calling other stores and they still do not have my size. I didn't know what to do and was frustrated. I looked up again in the net and recalled that Asics store has opened in Greenbelt 3. I decided to give it a visit last Thursday and instantly fell in love with the Kayano 16. So right there and then, I took out my wallet and bought me the shoes. No turning back. I was so excited to test it on but due to a virus attack, until now, I have not used my new running partner. We'll be doing our test run tomorrow. :)

Here is my new beybiah!!!

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