July 30, 2010

It really is ON!

I had scheduled my Visa interview for the US earlier this month but due to some "concerns" I had to move it on a later date. So, last Wednesday, I finally had my interview for my US visa. It was a very long process yet I didn't mind that I actually waited for two and a half hours just to be interviewed in three minutes.

My day started at 6:30AM as I needed to be one hour early for my 7:30AM interview. I did all the necessary waiting in line, waiting into the pavillion and waiting for my number to be called. Phones and other electronic devices are not allowed within the US embassy premises hence, I was literally doing nothing. Just staring at other applicants and deciding on my mind if this person or that person will be approved or denied. For the first part of the process, my documents were checked by a Filipino where he was telling me that I did my application rightfully except that I did not give my middle name. This made me confused as the application did not have any blank for the middle name. I just kept mum and agreed with him - a lesson I learned from Nicolette Henson, to not argue with anybody. He then let me get inside the actual interview area where I had to do my finger scanning. Being the person I am, I have this habit of reading a lot of posters and reminders. I read all the instructions on how to finger scan and did pretty amazing. I just did everything in one try and was very fast compared to the others, who I see did it for three times or more.

Waited again for my number to be called and then the number 2113 flashed on Window#5. I went to the window and learned that my interviewer was a young male consul. This is the part where my heart started pounding and I actually felt fear. The interview started immediately with the expected first question: What are you going to do in the US? With my "interview skills" I answered in all courage, "I am running the New York Marathon". Then some follow up questions such as, when is the marathon, how many have I finished prior to this one and then thats it about the marathon. He then moved on asking me about my work, my family, where will I stay and who will finance my travel. I answered everything in the most confident and as honest as it should be. Then after a couple of minutes, without providing any document or whatsoever, he just mumed, "Approved". I was in total shock and, pretty excited.

Turned around, walked back to the pavillion and discussed my delivery details with Air 21.

Now, I have a VISA. I am really running the New York Marathon and I am really going to travel to the US. Thanks to everyone who have encouraged me to go and push myself to really do this. From my supportive officemates and boss, friends (here and in the US), my Bald Runner gang and most especially to Nicolette Henson and Garyjohn Rivera for all the coaching and briefing for my interview.

New York, here I come! (OK fine, include San Francisco and probably DC and baka Houston) haha!!!


  1. congratulations! i'm happy and excited for you! don't forget to post pictures, okay?

  2. Hi Reinier(tama ba?)! Thanks for the comment. Will definitely postb pictures. Will also seek for everyone's comment on my proposed singlet. So come back soon to give your opinion on what I'll be wearing for this marathon. :) Cheers!

  3. Congrats, Mark! Don't forget to embed the Phil flag in your singlet;-)

  4. Sir Rene - I will actually pattern the singlet to the colors of the flag. And there will be a "Philippines" in the chest part. This might be my only chance to represent the Philippines. Hehehe.

  5. yeah! congrats, nakaka-inggit naman. astig! kick some butts o those marathons! nice blog btw.

  6. Hi James - thanks for dropping by and your site is cool as well. Will be tagging your blog in my list. :)


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