August 4, 2010

PR is the first two letters of PRactice and PReparation

I am now on my third week of training for my marathon and so far, I am getting stronger and feel that I am progressing quite a lot. Sundays are meant for long runs and we did one for my first week of training in Clark. Then, last Sunday, we joined the Rexona 21K and were supposed to run at an LSD pace. I was running alongside Capt Tere at a very comfortable pace of 6:30. I was doing very well and asked Tere if she going to maintain the pace all through out the run. She said yes and I was eager to pace with her.

Enjoying the pace that we were in, we were throwing casual conversations and I was amazed by how many runners have greeted Tere and this confirms the alias “Miss Congeniality” given to her by Team Bald Runner. She would then give me couple of encouragement and tips on running and how can I be better. Being the “newbie” in the group, I just try to absorb every single information they tell me. I was working very well through out the race. We already did 13K – without walking mind you, and I am still strong and have high energy. We looped and saw the elites and cheered them all the way. Upon entering the Macapagal highway, I was anxious to go to Marina area. This will be the first time I am actually going to that place not on a vehicle but on foot. I was still excited, running, and had a lot of energy.

When we turned at the end of the highway, it was then fatigue was kicking. I didn’t mind and told myself I can still make it and do very well. I continued running and was happy that based on my personal calculation, I am still going to get a decent time. Then at the last 5K of the route, Tere told me that we will race the last 5. Without any hesitation, I said, OK, but was not able to do so. I did not get any faster but I was still maintaining my 6:30 pace with an occasional drop during water breaks. I became exhausted and tired. The only thing that kept me going was the thought that I would like to finish the race with Tere. During the last turn around before the Mall of Asia area, I told Tere that I would be walking till the water station, race the last 1.5K and she could go ahead and finish strongly. She said, instead of walking, why not jog till the water station. Even though I feel tired, I agreed to the idea and was successful. Drank another round of water and wet myself to rehydrate my skin. Tere then yelled, this is for New York! I got pumped and was even singing New York, New York. I may look and sound dumb at that moment, but it did its purpose. I felt stronger and I know I can finish better. At the last turn, I saw the clock at 2:22 and told myself I got a new PR. Crossed the finish line at 2:23 and felt really awesome.

Learnings from this race:

• I have a great support. I have Tin F who constantly gives me advice on running and by joining the Bald Runner, I found new friends who share the same passion as I do.
• The brain is mightier than the body. The brain sometimes tells you to stop but in reality, you can still do it and your body says otherwise.
• Water is not enough. You should be consuming other supports like Gatorade and GU.

Also, I would like to thank Capt. Tere for the push and for not leaving “the man” behind. Thanks so much Capt. As what I have said, I owe you one!

I have done a 5K Sub-30, 21K Sub2:30. Only missing is 10K Sub1. We’ll see on Sun

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