October 20, 2010

What happened to me? August 27-October 20

I intently tried not to post anything here in my blog for the past 2 months. The reason being, I do not want to pre-empt my preparations for my New York Marathon. Now that I am almost there, I am happy to share what have happened in those 2 intensive months of training.

During the last part of August and early September, our LSDs outside Manila were back-to-back. I have been travelling everywhere just to run - Subic, Clark, Cavite, Tagaytay, and Batangas. I would wake up at 2AM on a Sunday, where I will receive a text message from my friends "nasan ka na?". I would then reply, "papuntang McKinley". Then the inevitable "tatakbo ka nanaman???".

Those two months were gruelling. I don't see my friends that often and haven't been out for a long time. Although I was able to manage one gimik night (during the Camsur marathon of my running friends), it was enought to get me energized to run the next Sundays. In total for those 7 Sundays, I was able to manage 3 LSDs with distances of 34K, 32K and 30K. I am very confident that I will be able to at least run New York.

What now? Just tapering. Running easy 5Ks and 10Ks. Pero I will be racing Adidas to my official attempt for a Sub-1. I think I did sub-1 during Southridge but will not be able to confirm as my Garmin died - battery lang naman hehe. October 30 is the DAY. I'm flying then will be running.

See you in New York - concrete jungles where dreams are made of...


  1. Hey, goodluck! I was also wondering what happened with you. That was hardcore training dude. I bet you'll finish strong for NY.

    I'll be in KOTR this Sunday for my first Pikermi. Hope to see my running friends (facebook and bloggers) there.

    I've also transferred from blogger to wordpress.


  2. Hey there. Thanks for the belief that I will finish strong.

    Hope to see you in KOTR too. I will be wearing my NY Marathon gear (AKA Philippine Flag colors) so you might be able to spot me in the sea of blacks.


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