October 26, 2010

Conquering New York

Of course, when you are bound to run New York, I cannot help but wonder "What will I wear for the NY Marathon?". After months and months of choices, I finalized everything and came down with this (see below). Spot me in the news!!!

Current song: Empire State of Mind


  1. good luck!!!! i heard that it's super cold now. bundle up and then strip show na lang along the route. keep the arm covers :D - bards

  2. Hi Bards - you cannot imagine how thrilled I am to see your message here in my blog. Well, your blog last year was the reason why I signed up. Yes, its cold now and I have bought mga disposable stuff pati earmuffs hehe. Strip show na nga ang gagawin ko. And I can see random people running along manhattan pala. Looks like they're running too. :)


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