October 25, 2010

Finally, 10K sub-1!!!

I never thought the day would come. Yesterday, a couple of thousand ran the Adidas King of the Road in Fort Bonifacio. The day was filled with excitement and the field was a sea of blacks. I decided to wear my official New York marathon gear in this race as the singlet I got was way too big for me.

I started the race cool and relaxed. Following my fellow TGISunday official pacer, Jan and Neil (6:00/km). At first, we were passing through a lot of runners and I even ran on a putik area. Eventually, after 3KM, when new runners began to tire we picked up the pace. I was running and maintaining a 5:50 pace which is really new to me. I usually and comfortable pace arpund 6:30 - 7:30 but decided to really race KOTR. I was aiming for a sub-1. This was the first race that will give me the opportunity to do so and I was focused in getting that goal. I managed to keep pace with Jan and Neil and ensure I do not lose sight of them. I did walk the Kalayaan flyover inclines to ensure I do not over-run this part of the race.

1KM through the finish line, I saw Chrys and told her that we should aim for a sub-1. She told me to go ahead and so I did. I went for it. REALLY.

Crossed the finish line, 59'11" in my Garmin which happens to be the official time of KOTR also! I can now brag that I run 10K at a sub-1 pace. :)


  1. that is totally cool! congratulations!

  2. Hello Rainier. Thanks. :) How did you do?

  3. haha. was really slow. done 8min pace. finished 2:57 for 21K. charge that to experience and training. sabi ko nga the training helped me finish the race without injury and did not collapse. haha.

  4. That's great. Ayos lang yan. I also started that slow then eventually was able to finish stronger. Tuloy tuloy lang sa training.


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