May 30, 2010

The Nature Valley 21K Run

The run was awesome. Kudos to coach Rio for another successful race. The great parts of the run were:
  • Started on time
  • Abundant marshalls
  • Water everywhere
  • 100 everywhere
  • Sponge
  • Nice route
  • Great finishline
  • No need to line up for medal for 21K
  • Cheerers from David Salon awarding the 21K finisher's medal
  • Loot bag readily available for very tired 21K runners
  • Bananas!!!

I am not sure why there was ice cream because I did'nt saw it coming but boy it did make my day. Halfway through the run, I was uneasy. I feel defeat. I would 1K run 1K walk. It was so bad. In the end, I registered my worst 21K. I was really out of shape. And to add to that, I became darker. When I removed my ankle sleeves, it has a definitive mark- one side dark one light.

I am going to run 5Ks first and hope to become better at Milo which I decided I would only run 10K. I can do it. I know it.

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