May 17, 2010

Garmin! Finally...

When I arrived in Manila last Friday, May 14, one of the first few things I did was to call my friend (Victor Domingo) and ask him when can I get the Garmin I had him buy for me in the US. He replied and told me he is coming to a place near my house and we should meet up so he can give me the goods. So we did and I was excited.

Then there was it, my own Garmin. I went home, checked it out and decided that I will charge, install and use the following Sunday. This will give me more time to read the manual and what this new toy can offer.

Then came Sunday and I did everything on schedule. Was really anxious to go back to running with my new Garmin. I ran and tried the gadget and was completely happy with it. Here are some of the functionality I liked about my Garmin:

  • Pace Information
  • Pace Alert - alerts you when you run too fast or slower
  • KM readings
  • Time reading
  • Real Time - as a normal watch
  • All these information in just one page of the watch
I am so excited to show off my new toy to my other running friends. One thing though is I fell like a Bioman when I wear it. It's bulky but it does definitely fit my style.
The Box

The Watch

The Gadgets in the Box


  1. Excellent choice.
    the 305 in my opinion is the best in the series of Garmin
    patrick concepcion

  2. Hello Patrick,

    I think so too. I have read a lot of reviews of Garmin and looks like 305 is the best choice. Its cheaper, functional and works right for a runner. Downside would be the "bulkiness" which for me works. I am not a fan of 405's "look".

  3. Hahahahaha! Bioman henshin brace!


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