May 10, 2010

Excited is synonymous to anxious which is synonymous to how I am feeling these past few days…

Finally! It is my last week here in Beijing and I cannot wait to come back home. I have not been running a lot lately due to the weather, lack of time and so much more reasons which I know are not valid. The weather though is getting better here and I might be able to run some during the evenings and regain my stride and lose the fats I gained from eating those kinder bars and snickers. And juices. And pizzas. And rice. OK, I did ate a lot.

While preparing for my return to my beloved (and hot) Philippines, I have asked a friend who went to the US to buy me a Garmin. It was my present to myself since I did well in work last year. The advantage in buying a Garmin straight from Amazon to a resident in the US is the free delivery. I have heard that if you buy the Garmin from the distributor in Manila, it will cost me around Php16,000.00 versus to the 150$ I would be paying for.

Aside from the Garmin, I am also buying myself a new pair of running shoes when I come back home. Not because I want it but because I need it. My shoe has been running with me since July 2009 and its due for change. I am waiting though for the new colors and design of Lunar Glides or some other brand and model which has the same functionality of my current lunars. I am contemplating though to either 1) purchase from China Nike ID, which will customize my shoes or 2) purchase from Nike Harajuku from Japan which has UBER cool colors. If else fails, I am purchasing a regular one. J

I am pretty anxious to come back and get a hold of my Garmin and buy a new pair of shoes. I would train and train just in case I finally decide to run the NY Marathon, I would be ready and be able to have a sub-5 finish time.

Garmin Forerunner 305

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