June 16, 2010

Hidden Goal: SUB Finishes....

When I started running, I had goals. Initially it was to loose weight but it evolved to more extensive one and would be sub goals. I decided then to have these as my goals:

21K Sub-2:30
10K Sub-1
5K Sub-30

So far, I have not achieved my goals for the 21K and 10K. The closest I've got was 2:35 and 1:04 respectively. But I am very pleased that during my first 5K last Sunday at the freedom run, I was able to achieve my sub-30 goal for the 5K. I clocked in at 28:05. I was very pleased. It motivated me to run more of 5Ks and escalate to 10K and try beating my goal. I know I could make it. I just need time.


  1. Congrats on your 5k PR, Mark! With constant training, i'm sure you'll be able to lower still your 10k and 21k times.:-)

  2. with 28mins on 5k, I'm very sure you can do a sub-60 10k. go for it!!!! :)

  3. @ jazzrunner - Sir rene! Oo nga po. I really want to do a sub-1 sa 10K. I've been running 10K for the longest time pero di ko pa din naaachieve. I am trying to develop sa shorter distances and hopefully mas OK with longer as time goes by. See you soon. QCIM ulet!

  4. @ daytripper - salamat. I kinda stopped running for 2 months so nagbabawi pa. And hopefully I have better finish time na coz I know more about running. Thanks sa comment.

  5. Hi Mark! Thanks for visiting my site. May I ask if are already able to meet your target for the 21K?

    What about your 10K? Send me a message soon! Thanks.

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  7. Hi Mar. Unfortunately, I have not broken my 10K and 21K goals. But I have broken my 5K goal during the freedom run. Siguro by August mabrebreak ko na ang sub 1 sa 10K. :)


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