April 18, 2010

I know I'm BAD, I'm BAD, I know it!!!

Singing ala Michael Jackson.

Ever since I left Manila last March 14, I only managed to run (on the treadmill) for 1 hours 20 mins combined. That's bad, and I was bad. I usually blame it to the freaking cold weather in Beijing but I know that its is not an excuse for me to run. My alternative reason would be im tired of work; which is mostly true but I don't over work most of the time. I know it is just me being bad.

I don't know when will I regain my running addicition but I should - coz I am getting bigger. HAHA


  1. Haha nice one Bessie, get on that treadmill :P Or get out and run in that cold :D

  2. Good thing medyo umiinit na. Pwede na din sa treadmill pero super boring! Di ko kaya mag 30mins. Nababato ako! haha


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