April 29, 2010

I'm IN. Will NY be my first marathon???

Will this be? Last year, I never thought that it will happen. Then it did. I got in.

NY is one of the places I would love to visit. Given the numerous times I saw photos, series and movies shot in NY, I knew that someday I will visit this place and now I have more reason to go.

Around late last year, I read a blog about one's experience in signing up and actually doing the marathon. I was inspired and had a spur of the moment and signed up. I never knew it will happen until I checked my account. Status: Accepted.

After seeing that, I was on the clouds. I have never done a full marathon and this could be my first. But before this, I have a lot of hurddles including, funding, schedule, training, Visa and a lot of other things. I am up for the challenge and is giving myself up to July-August to finalize my decision.

Please make things work out. :)

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