February 7, 2010

All signed up!

OK, its now or never. I have officially signed up for the Century Tuna 21k. Although I did not prepare for this for a long time, I know I should run this race. The race route and freebies are so inviting so I decided to go for 21K. Couple of my friends are running 3K and 5K and will be cheering for me at the finish line.
See you in Century Tuna, right???


  1. why the hiatus on blogging? i noticed that the last post dated feb7

  2. Hi James. I am currently on a Business Trip for 3 months and have not been running that much since early March. I try running the treadmill though but was not that successful because its is very boring and to add to that, my project is on its peak and I am quite busy even over the weekends. Will definitely blog again once my schedule permits me to run. I might blog about my first race outside the Philippines.


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