November 13, 2009

Run for the Pasig River... are we really helping?

Last Sunday, I ran another 10K for the Philippine International Marathon, Run for the Pasig River (PIM). I was excited as this is my first race for the month of November (AKA Bday Month). I arrived, ran and finished the race in a normal way and nothing different from my previous races. What struck me the most are the litter around Quirino Grandstand. While I was looking for the booth for the certificates, I passed by the finishline and the stage, and saw a lot of papers, cups, and everything littered on the road. This question then struck my mind "shouldn't this race be clean, after all, this is for rehabilitating the Pasig River".

The litter in not techincally the problem of the race organizer but this should have been looked into as the race promotes cleaning the Pasig River. I hope, this message would be relayed to the organizers and ABS-CBN Foundation to see a litter free PIM 2010.


  1. I saw the litter too myself, Mark. I noticed the absence of thrash cans/bags which i think the organizers should have provided. Happy B-day to you, bro!:-)

  2. OO nga po. Trash bags should have been a great help...


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