November 5, 2009

OK, now I am confused...

On November 22, 2009...


Hard decision ey?


  1. Depends on what you want haha. Typical run or obstacle course run :)

  2. @ Luis - Baka Ubanathlon na. Parang exciting eh.

    @ Rod - hahaha. join na! Thanks for visiting.

  3. Bessie...i'm joining botak on the 22nd (yun na lang). challenge is sub 29 for 10k (wahahhahaha). Probably, i'll sleep over wearing my race bib & singlet & dream on it instead.

  4. hey, btw, i'm joining corregidor run on dec 6. absent ka na lang harhar


  5. hmmm..di ba BLC contestant ka? :) i suggest Men's Health Urbanathlon ;) mas "workout" ang feel. hehe. good luck, mark and happy running!

  6. Ako rin confused sa dalawang yan hehe... Because I'm on taper that time and for safety reasons I chose Fit 'n Right, and chances are there'd be a good set of goodie bag there. Urbanathlon is something I'd love to do because of it's challenges but it's too risky for my knees :)

  7. @ Tin - I'd love to join you sa Corregidor... Dec 5 pala yung class ko ang I'll check if I the sched will permit me to join Dec 6 Corregidor.

    @ Marvin Rae - yup. Join ako sa BLC. Di ko nga alam kung effective itong mga ginagawa ko eh. I don't wanna be the biggest loser loser. hehe

    @ Running Pinoy - I've actually decided to go for Urbanathlon. Different feel. Wanna try it out.

  8. Salamat pala sa pagbisita sa blog ko! :)


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