July 22, 2009

I officially hate rainy days...

I have been trying to ensure I run at least 4 times a week but to no avail. You know what the reason is? The RAIN. Before, I used to love the rain. I feel comfortable with it. With all the coldness it brings and the comfort it gives my body. Now, I am starting to despise it. When it rain, I cannot run outdoors. Yes, I can run inside a gym via treadmill but it feels better to run outside.

Thank God its not raining anymore. But I have loads of things to attend in the evenings this week. I feel bad about not reaching my goal of running 4 times a week and I know I should work out something with my schedule.

I am going to run tomorrow and on Saturday. Thats 2 plus one treadmill run yesterday. 3 for this week -Acceptable.

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