July 26, 2009

I bought a Nike Lunar Glide+

Lovin' it. :)

I have been running since April with my normal gym shoes or what they categorize as "training". The reason why I did not purchase a new pair yet is because I do not want to get myself a pair that wouldn't work. I read from someone else's blog that she got a Newton but it did nothing for her and she is going back to her NBs. I researched very hard about my ideal shoes and I had 3 main factors upon deciding which one would be "IT": 1) It should be lightweight. I find heavy shoes for office better but for fitness and running, I wanted something light 2) Should work with me as a new runner (READ: will not be painful for my legs and knees). I read from somewhere that there are adviseable shoes for newbies and some other for experienced and 3) It should look good. I think this is a given for me.

I then decided just last week that I will be getting the new Nike Lunar Glides which debuted this July 2009. There are 2 colors to choose for mens and I chose the blue and apple green. I know it may be quite shocking but the color reflects my personality. :)

I tried the shoes first time in Nike MOA and felt that this is really is it. It was cushioned the way I wanted it and feels just right. My only comment would be, it is high. As in, like I'm about an inch and a half above the ground. Although I don't really mind because it works. :)

I then told the Nike personnel to give me my size for the 2 colors. Unfortunately, they do not have my size for the black and orange but I still tried the half size bigger. My mom and my dad deliberated on which one to get and we decided to get the blue /apple green instead. I was on cloud 9. Aside from buying the shoes that I like, which is quite expensive at 5,490 (ata), my dad paid for it. Talk about free shoes! Thanks POP.

Should be testing it by now but it is raining (again). So I might test it out tomorrow at the gym. I am predicting it will rain tomorrow.

I'd blog my first experience with my Nike LunarGlide sometime soon. :)