July 8, 2013

On Gears and running Milo Half Marathon

I decided that if I am going to come back to running, I need to invest on something. I then decided that I will buy new running shoes and register for races. I was able to purchase my new running shoes coupled with new socks and a bargain eyewear from Runnr. Today, I was able to register for the Milo Half Marathon happening on July 28.

The shoes:

Brooks Trance 11

Well, yeah I got this on sale. Since I am not running any full mary yet, I decided to settle on a cheapo shoes before I transition back to Asics or something more expensive. I had myself tested in Runnr Trinoma and I am still under stability since I am a flat footed runner. My option was between Brooks and Saucony but I bent on buying brooks because of aesthetics. You see, I have wide feet and some "slim" design shoes does not really work for me. So in the end, I decided to get something that looks good, yet fits my foot type.

I searched videos as well on YouTube and came across this:

After watching the video. I knew I did a good job choosing my shoes. I took my new rides for a test drive today conquering a distance of 5km (recovery from Adidas) and I did enjoy my supported run. I am definitely running places with my Brooks Trance 11.

Since I saved some of my budget from buying shoes which are on sale, I was able to squeeze in some new socks from Runnr and their new shades. I would definitely enjoy running now under the sun.

The race:

Milo Half Marathon, July 28

Well, best of luck to me! I decided to run a half marathon with very little training but since I have a new coach-friend and he told me he will pace me, I am more confident that I will be able to finish this race with flying collars. Today, upon signing the lady told me that there are only around 150 slots left for the 21km so if you guys are still interested to race Milo go to Riovana at BGC to register. Do not forget your 300g Milo packets!

I am looking forward to train more and more with my new gear and Milo. See you guys on the road!

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