July 7, 2013

Finally kicked-off with a BANG for my future running plans

Today, I was able to run 16.8KM at the Adidas King of the Road 2013 at BGC. It was a very momentous occassion because finally, I was able to run again after so many months of hiatus. Don't get me wrong, I still do fitness stuff but mostly in the gym but this time I want to come back to my real passion which is running. I was able to find a new friend/coach, Bob who commits on helping me achieve that sub-2 21K by the end of this year and hopefully a full marathon in Condura. But those plans are still way ahead, as of now I'll just savour the memory of running strong today with a finish time of unofficially 1:50:++ for the 16KM or well, 17KM as what my Garmin read.

Photos from today's run:

Serious runner ha! Photo courtesy of We Run for Good Health. Thank you guys!

16.8km finishers: Ara Arida (Miss Universe-Philippines 2013), mysefl and monster Jess Segovia
10km finisher: Lex Librea from the infamous "We love you, Maria Venus Raj" viral video

Reunited with Tin Ferrera, my ultramarathoner friend who helped me accomplish New York Marathon 2010

The whole gang at Toastbox, The Fort for some post-race meal.
In photo from right: Lex, Tin, Bob, Jess, Ara and Sly

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